Des Gens En Photo
Des Gens En Photo

Charles-Edouard Woisselin

2002 is when my relationship with photography starts. I leave France to study in Italy and my parents offer me a small compact camera with which I start experimenting all kind of things instead of focusing on my Law career. At that time I felt obsessed with night photography and architecture, trying to give all my pictures a "cinematic feeling". It still remains one of my main objectives, aesthetically and as to set life to the captured moment.

2008, after moving to Barcelona, is when I get my first Canon reflex. As I keep on doing what I love most, experimenting with light, I start to work as a concert photographer, mainly for electronic music events with the Razzmatazz. The night lights take me through a new journey.

In 2011, I discover street style and start working with day light. A whole new challenge. I get to discover new technics while exploring more cities, and I get to talk to people, often to ask them their picture. Two years later I finally decide to create my own blog: (February 2013). That is when my work as a fashion photographer truly begins.

Street style has shown me how to play with natural light, pushing me to tame the - sometimes tricky - boundaries Nature imposes (weather, light, location, etc.). Complemented by my professional experience in a famous Spanish menswear brand, I do know and understand how Men's Fashion go, with all its implied requirements.